Older Labs

Older, wiser and seasoned. At times during my Labradors lives I notice that they would be better suited for an environment NOT full of a bunch of Labradors. Perhaps, they need to be the ONLY Labrador at a home. Some hunt and others might. Some are trained to hunt and others are not. They are ALL my kids but selfishly I let them go so they can have more one on one time.


Very birdy, house manners, prefers to be the only 4 legged girl in the house and yard, very well mannered and obedient. She loves to cuddle, good with kids and grand kids. Half English and Half American Field. Trained to hunt waterfowl and well mannered. She deserves to be in a quiet home and the only dog with you. She is a treasure. She is fine in living out her years with me as she has been living in my home but for the rightly matched home for her, I am happy and willing to let her go to a quiet single dog home. She would love to sleep on your bed, on your couch, have her own bed and will be a ton of fun for you. She has a 'zip' side of her and the other side is quiet.

Price - $700

Age 7

Born - Dec , 2015


Light and bouncy and a ton of fun! Would be great w a family. Housebroke. Only had one litter, to be spayed in June, ready to go home after recovered.

Price - $1000

Age 4


Always smiling and happy. Medium chocolate in color. 70 lbs. Retrieving Machine with manners. Kind and sweet. Very pretty face.

Price - $1000

Age 5


Hunting Machine. Extremely kind in loving.A very good looking Regal yellow man. Very sweet and kind. Loves to retrieve. Very natural bird retriever, nose to the ground and not in the air. I enjoy immensely. A ton of fun.Offspring are the same.

Price - $8000

Age 6


Extremely good looking, very birdy, very sweet n kind w zip of energy. House broke, easy to train. Ready to go home after she is spayed after to her June litter, figuring end of Aug. Great for a family and a hunter.

Price - $1000

Age - 5

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