Spring 2021 Breeder Comparison

Recently I hired an outside company to collect the following information that I am willing to share. The questions that were asked to over 200 established Labrador (English, British and American) Breeders in the Western USA and Midwest:

Price and Deposit
Puppies Available
health clearances and guarantees DNA testing?
Copper Toxicosis?
Guarantee birdiness for the hunters?
Open to breed or not?
Covid Protocol?




Most I noticed have raised their pricing due to the supply demands from Covid. Most of the pricing made no sense when most do not guarantee for health clearances to the elbows, do ALL the DNA tests and test for copper toxicosis.

Puppies Avail?

Most sold out, a few with one or two males avail, a few have Summer litters coming up and the rest not til Fall.

DNA testing?

Most tested for EIC, CNM, PRA and RDOSD. Some only EIC and CNM. Some quote ALL DNA testing but then when asked if that also included Copper Toxicosis, most responded no. One said they did ALL the DNA testing but still would not answer to the CT question. One said a few are tested for CT and this breeder produces over 20 litters a year, now that's a shame. Why not have all of them tested when this is a HUGE epidemic with the Labs? Most breeders do not want to test for more DNA testing, keeping up with the testing or testing for CT due to the costs, caring or the desire in finding out they are breeding with these diseases and get wiped out with their business.

Facts-PRA DNA test came out close to 20 yrs ago, CNM 18, EIC 15, RDOSD 14 and the CT 4 yrs ago. If you have NOT done the disease DNA tests to get clearances or to find out if you are breeding a carrier to a carrier affected or a carrier to a carrier then YOU ARE BREEDING IN THE BLIND !!!!! Shame on you, you obviously do not care for the puppy. And if you go buy a puppy from them, you are supporting the breeders that do not give a damn!

Guarantee Birdiness?

Not one

So, if you are a potential puppy adopter and have read this, ask yourself in why a Breeder is short changing the Labrador puppy? And if you are a Breeder reading this, shame on you NOT caring enough for the Labrador puppy conducting all the DNA tests and doing right by the puppy.

Jana Love

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