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Timing on Puppy coming home and Vaccination Timing

Once a Mom comes into heat, she is bred 10-14 days later + around 60 days gestation + 7-8 weeks later for growth. I send puppies home with 3 Parvo only shots in them but they are still not protected enough from Parvo. You still have a 5 way, 2 ten-way shots to finish up their puppy series. How long that takes is up to the schedule your Vet establishes. The average time is 6 to 10 weeks. Can you take your puppy out in the backyard? NO! Parvo lives in the dirt we know of thru research for 10 years. Follow the direction from your Vet but normally after your puppy has the 1st 10-way shot it might be ok. But listen and heed to the direction your Vet establishes.

Once puppy series is done and potty training then is going on out in the yard, can you go out in your neighborhood with your puppy? NO! You now have Bordatella to administer and begin 12 weeks of Canine Influenza shots. Bordatella is first given, then 3 weeks later you go for the 1st Influenza shot and the Bordatella booster. Then 3 weeks later next Influenza shot. You might go through your neighborhood then and mix your puppy out in public but you still need to finish up the shots with the boosters for both the Influenzas another 6 weeks. At a young age, you need to split the Influenza shots or it makes a puppy at age 4-5 months of age VERY sick. When the annuals come around in a year, you can do the Influenza shot as a one-shot but be prepared your dog can still get flu-like symptoms.

So, when planning on when you are going camping with your new bundle of joy or going on a trip, or holiday season when tons of family show up and you need to keep your puppy in a sanitized environment on sanitized floors, please consider this schedule when ordering your puppy.

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