Love's Labradors Blog Article

Products I use and recommend

  • Pet Step as a ramp. Can be purchased thru Chewy
  • Sores or hot spots-Coat Defense. 1st use the mud and follow up for a few days with the powder
  • Antibacterial Shampoo-Chlor 4. Can be purchased thru Revival Animal Health
  • Puppy take home area-57 inch blue plastic wading pool along with 3 ft high portable pen wraps around the pool perfectly. Add shavings in the pool to make it the play area. Add a kitty litter box with alfafa pellets to add the scent of grass smell for potty area. Add a crate to the opened door of portable pen, attached by double sided snaps. Add towels to the crate for sleepy bed time area.
  • Sanitizing solution-Virkon or Pro Logic used from a 1 gallon pump sprayer. Products can be purchased thru Revival Animal Health

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