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Pre-qualifying for a puppy or young Labrador from Love's Labradors LLC

- MUST MUST MUST have raised a puppy on your own. If your parents brought home a pup and you feel you were a part of it, this is still not the same. If you have not raised a puppy as an adult, no need to further. The learning curve can be done on someone else's puppy, not one of mine. I am tough with this. In the last year, I had a few families pick up their pup and were clueless and the puppy is the one that suffers. I had a family in January pick up a started obedience pup and they didn't know how to walk the young Lab! Go save and rescue an older Lab and let them teach you about caring for a Lab, then save a young 3-4 month old puppy and learn from them how to tend to and train a young dog and then in 4-8 years reach out to me for a Labrador puppy. Raising kids is not the same.
If you have raised your own children, you were a better parent after your first child. Recommend contacting a local Labrador Rescue and saving a Labrador. This will allow you to learn what it takes to be responsible for a 4 legged kid.

- Fenced good size yard. Plenty of green open grass area. Landscaping, garden, tile, concrete decking, pool w concrete does not quantify green grass area for your Labrador. Invisibible fencing does not work best for a young pup. A dog park is a no-no during COVID.
If you reside in the country without proper fencing or an area for the dog to call his/her home? Then you don't qualify. Fencing also keeps out what will come into your yard area to get after your Labrador.
Residing in an apartment is not enough yard space for a Labrador! If you have a new home without a fence or in the process purchasing a home, wait til you have proof you have that home anad have that fence built out.
Large land owners, a specific dog yard is necessary for a Labrador as they will get themselves in trouble by following their nose, that is always on the ground. It's in the breed of dog.

- A good relationship with a Vet you have or had taken your past or existing dog to, so I may contact them and review you paying attention to vaccinations regularly including heartworm and canine influenzas and necessary surgeries in a timely manner.

- Who is going to train your Lab? Do you have this experience? Or are you just placing a harness and a lead on your Lab and not planning on any training and allowing your Lab to take you for a walk? I recommend Bill Hillman Retriever Training on You Tube or his DVDs. If you plan for a Labrador to become an in home dog, please choose another breed of dog. Labradors deserve to run, play, be out on dirt and grass and be outdoors. I don't support training with clicker or treats.
Truly, Bill Hillman is the best to direct you to train and bring up a Labrador Retriever in the best manner. A personal trainer coming into your home during COVID is highly not recommended.

-If you already have another dog at home, sanitizing for Parvo is of upmost concern. How are you going to separate your existing dog from the new puppy for 6-7 weeks til your puppy has more of the puppy shots? And what do you know about Parvo?
Are you aware this kills puppies? I send a puppy home with 3 puppy shots but you have 8 more weeks of shots. The puppy does NOT go out in the backyard til the puppy has 2 more puppy shots. Hard floor that is sanitized with Pro Logic or Virkon to kill Parvo is essential.
A crate? A portable pen? You don't take a pup home and let them run around all over the place. Before discussing with me over the phone a reservation you need to of updated with your Vet the latest on Parvo for your area and plus, discuss the plan and layout for where the puppy is coming home to. I recommend a large blue pastic wading pool (easy to buy in Spring and Summer-not in the Fall and Winter), wrap the outside of the pool with a containment 3 ft high portable pen. Attach a crate to the door to the pen. Towels in the crate and pool and add a kitty litter box inside the pool with alfafa pellets to start training your Labrador to grass scent and poopy area. When you can take your pup into the backyard (normally after 1st 10 way shot) then take the remains from the litter box and dump at a spot you would prefer your pup to always go to the bathroom at in your backyard.

- Most believe its fun and cute to bring home a puppy for themselves and their kids. But once the cuteness wears off, what then? You haven't trained the dog, you just place a harness on them and let them take you for a walk, you throw them into the crate when they are bad and you find yourself with an unruly very smart 4 legged 50-80 lb creature that won't listen to you. Most don't think about down the road. Think about what is best for the dog. What is best?
Do you know about Parvo, Corona, Distemper, Heartworm and more viruses and conditions that need to be prevented for best health for your new dog? Try going on Learning Center on Do your homework and research? Call your Vet and handle a Zoom or Televet meeting with them and converse about Parvo precautions.Parvo lives in dirt forever, so going potties prior to 10 way shot (@7 weeks after home) in the backyard is a negative. No backyard for potties til after your Vet says it is ok.

- I care where my kids go. In the last dozen years, I've made a few mistakes on where my pups have gone. These couples or individuals were checked out, with their Vet and they still made mistakes. Sad and horrible stories I can share. Some returned back to me. Some I never had a chance and were killed one way or another.
If you are unable to answer the questions, unable to check out clean as a new puppy owner for one of my kids, then I wish you well and once you have made many of the mistakes that one goes thru with their first to second dog, then come back to me and we can discuss you being a new Parent to one of my kids then. PLEASE DO NOT STILL CALL ME AND TRY TO GET A PUPPY IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS. I AM TOUGH. I AM PROTECTING THE PUPPY.
I am not judging you as a person. But I am judging you based on experience, photos of yard, condition of fence and reviews from Vet.

If you can Pre-Qualify? Then please answer the questions and I will give you a call within a day. At that time we will review the latest about pre-disposed conditions to date on Labradors, Parvo, COVID, best diet for Labradors to date, timing for spaying/neutering, training, conditions at home, photos of home and backyard that has fencing and clearance to reach out to your Vet. I always line up 2-3 options for puppy reservations with solid reservations so you can make plans.

Thank you for your time,

Jana Love

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