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Dog Food Research and Alert

As I write this and share this information to all of my dog friends, to ALL breed of dogs and cats, know this as I have the information regarding what is going on with heavy pour of copper into ALL manufactured dog and cat food............. know this I lack further time with this.
I am NOT available for questions. My business and schedule is crazy busy. I have included resources, phone numbers, websites and phone numbers for everyone. Please share with ALL dog and cat lovers. Should there be a ton of inquiries with FDA, AAFCO and CHF? Yes. But I am a nobody and desire to remain that way. Take this info for what it is worth and it is all the exact truth.

For 35 years, Michigan State University #517-353-1683 has been diagnosing and researching dog and cat food (actually all feed for all animals) for ratios and content, plus many other issues per the diagnostic and research lab. Yes, for copper.
Dr. Buchweitz lead Scientist has been leading the charge. My conversation with him this week is they do analyze copper per blood sent to them on levels of concentration. Yes, they do analyze dog food for mineral concentrations.
He has seen high levels in all manufactured food for many years and been in contact with FDA and no response. He did not know of CHF or AAFCO and has never heard from them.

For submission of analyzing dog food: go to testing and fees, then to testing catalog.
- For food analyzing scrowl to test #70027 Toxic Elements Feed/other costs $67 and information how to ship.
- For blood submission per a kit that a Vet must use (costs a Vet $21 for 5 kits), the copper test is #70053 under copper costs $30.
- Or Primary Nutrient Panel will give you more info test #50701 $46 and how to ship.

MSU number again #517-353-1683

On there is a video from MSU discussing there copper studies. Mind blowing. The dog food associated to, I am not promoting for the simple fact the owner said the corn used is not organicaly grown.

So for the raw food and home cooked meals desiring to know if your kids are getting what they need, here you go.
For those that are struck in the mud and desire to still feed kibble and store bought dog and cat food, here you go-go get it studied.

The nutritionists that choose my pups and share a wealth of info with me, agree the pour of the copper (and other minerals) is too high.
AAFCO has a minimum but not a max and they need to change that. Perhaps others this is being sent to have the power with LRC or other breed clubs or with CHF and can get this redirected so the dog food does not cause copper storage disease in ALL breed of dogs.
If you feel so inclined to write or call FDA, AAFCO, breed clubs or CHF, you are on your own. I know what I am doing for my kennel of kids. I hope this info helps others.

How I feed my dogs is being analyzed next week. The only kibble I have found to NOT add copper propienate or sulfate is Natures Logic. If there are others, please share.

I have requested a list of copper ratios in the manufactured food they have analyzed in the last 5 years. Once I receive, I will share. Normal is 7.3% for any dog based on portions of food.

2 years ago there were issues with dairy cows dying with no symptoms. Found out, too much copper in the grain. Change per the FDA transpired but no change for the dogs and cats!

Dog manufactured food do not take in account copper intake from water. Most manufactured dog food is as hugh as 20-30%,this will catch up to most dogs and cause liver issues-copper storage disease and die from liver faiure.

Finally, wishing everyone best health and 4 legged kids best health but once again, I AM NOT AVAILABLE FURTHER. HERE IS A HUGE AMOUNT OF INFO, GO RUN WITH IT!

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