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Latest Percentages DNA testing for Labradors:

Copper Toxicosis-70%, 38% symptomatic (severe risk). 2 years in a row. Do I call this an epidemic? Yes. If tested positive for CT (genetic-meaning a breeder did not test parents and performed sloppy breeding) then the Labs die from liver failure 2-6 yrs of age. Also, the numbers increasing for Labradors age 10+ coming down with liver issues, Copper Storage Disease is tied to lifetime of dog food with too much copper in it.
Please heed to a copper free diet or a super low percentage. My dogs are tested clear for CT

PRA PRCD-16%. Most check dogs eyes at age 2 and never again, or breed at a young age prior to age 4 never knowing PRA grows in the eye after age 4. Performing the DNA test on the parents can prevent this.If positive to PRA PRCD, the dog will be blind in both eyes. This DNA test has been available for almost 20 yrs. My dogs are all tested clear for PRA PRCD and RDOSD.

EIC-25%. Numbers back up. Most breeders have their breeders tested for EIC. Test been available for 15 years. Was an epidemic with the Labradors with numbers 70% back a dozen yrs ago, but breeders got on the bandwagon and tested their dogs for it. My dogs are tested clear for EIC.

The rest of the DNA tests available for the Labradors are at a low percentage half percentage to 4%.

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