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Here at Love's Labradors, we take vaccinating, protecting from diseases and sanitizing to a level that protects all dogs, puppies and owner with great pride. When visiting or picking up your new puppy, we require for you to either bring a change of clothes or something to cover your travel clothes, a mask or bandana and gloves. Sorry for this inconvenience but until there is a vaccine for Corona Respiratory, here at Love's Labradors we feel this is the ONLY way we can do best for protecting the dogs, puppies and owner.

I am NOT a breeder that will travel and bring you your puppy as I feel this is a huge risk in bringing back Corona to the facility. All travel from here now is strictly limited and visitors MUST arrange an appointment prior to visiting, no exceptions.

Transport for dogs and puppies via airplane is not allowed due to the air in the plane can pass Corona from human to dog.

Wishing everyone and dogs safe health.

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