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Advised way to feed your Labrador today

After months of research, reviewing the FDA report on Grain Free Kibble Dog Food, the concerns in feeding a Labrador dog food with copper and seeing the results on my own Labradors here is how I feed my kids:

Per feeding 2x a day:

1 cup Nature's Logic (any flavor)
half a pound of boiled beef heart
Boiled kale or spinach
Boiled pears
1-2 cups of the broth from the meat, veggies and fruit
1 cup of organic rice
pinch of bone meal with no added minerals
1 scoop of Pro Bios
1 teaspoon of Coconut Oil (once a day)
1/4 teaspoon Alaskan Salmon Oil (once a day)
NutriVit Vitamins (once a day)

A few times a week I add 1/4 cup of Wild Caught Salmon and eggs with eggshell
VetSmart Joint for Labradors older than 8 yrs of age
VetSmart Immune System for all Labradors when traveling

Not everyone has the time I take to prepare this level of diet, so Nature's Logic answers your dogs needs at larger amounts fed.

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