Due to serious and challenging health issues Love's Labradors will not be creating great, full DNA tested (including for Copper Toxicosis), sweet and incredible looking Labradors during the year 2022, and perhaps also year 2023.. It is with great sadness that I am downsizing and need many of my Labradors to go to incredible loving and responsible homes. No puppies but on the Older and Started pages I have dropped the pricing down to a mere $500. If you have a Veterinarian for me to contact to review past care performance for a past dog and can send me photos of where the Labrador would reside? After I review this information, then I will contact you to let you know if you qualify. Then we can set up a viewing. Please contact me via email with which Labradors you are interested in, Vet info and photos of your yard and home, please. Thank you.

Please consider the costs to fix the following: Cataract surgery @$4500, ACL @$4000, Elbow Replacement @$3000/ea, Bad Heart-Most won't pay for heart surgery, Retinal Dysplasia's--going blind or retinal detachment--no replacement but surgical costs @$4-8k.

Call a pet insurance company and review with them what they pay off with Labradors normally ......... and then factor in my higher prices. Yes, Mother Nature can still throw a curve ball with one of Love's Labradors pups, but the chances are minimized in comparison to the other 99% Labrador Breeders.



Guarantee up to 26 months for any Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, PRA-PRCD, RDOSD, EIC, CNM, Refractory (near sightedness), copper toxicosis, HU and SD2. If any puppy is proven to have any of these diseases, the owner has the option to keep the dog but you must neuter your dog. Most owners have grown attached to their dog and I understand this. In regards to Liver issues and Copper Toxicosis, my Labradors are tested clear of this. If your dog comes down with CT or liver issues at a young age, this is diet related and you are responsible. I will be happy to give you another puppy out of a similar breeding at your convenience. I strive for the best breeding possible, but as much as I may strive, Mother Nature has her own course and with that being said this means that oddities do happen occasionally. I apologize now if this ever does happen to you. Trust me as much I love these 4-legged Angels on this Earth more so than humans, I will be just as upset if not more, over your dog having anything at all wrong with it.

In regards to your puppy coming up with hip or elbow dysplasia, you must be the original owner, have a licensed radiologist read the films and prove to me that your dog has been fed proper all stages dog food and NOT super high protein diet, not on calcium supplements and not been romping with an older dog doing body slams.

If your pup ends up having any eye conditions like Cataracts or other strains of Retinal Dysplasias that science has not yer identified, I will not cover this as science has not supplied me with these tests yet to test for. But I guarantee to you is that as tests become available, I will continue testing the breeding parents and keep you informed of these results.

Should the situation arise that the buyer cannot keep their dog, Love's Labradors will make all reasonable efforts to help the buyer place the dog in another home and may, without compensation to the buyer, take the dog back at its discretion. Love's Labradors has 1st right of purchase back.

Vet insurance is highly encouraged! It is inexpensive and Labradors have their nose down on the ground and are athletes and try things they should NOT!! www.petinsurancereview.com. I personally use Embrace Insurance.


My Aspiration and Your Protection

My belief is that ALL dogs are beautiful and loving and deserve the absolute best in life full of love and attention. Love’s Labradors are special. Love’s Labradors are superior in the following ways: looks, personalities, huntability, precise marking and controlled blinds, birdiness, loving, gentleness, solid energy and past and present proven National Champions and lineage. Love’s Labradors goes the extra measure that others should. Why do other breeders not go the distance? Because as long as there are buyers out there that buy dogs from less than the best in breeding, breeding facilities, breeding standards & health testing then the breeders remain at minimal standards. Raising their standards decreases the amount of money they make. I disagree with that; I expect the absolute best and so should you. Yes, my standards are superior. Perhaps someday ‘the other so-called breeders” will make my standards the normal. I look forward to that day as one should only have the best breed dogs supplied by qualified breeders to the public. I hope to have your business, but more importantly you should hope to have one of Love’s Labradors.

Proven dogs for the hunter or family dog? What does this give you? It shows that the lineage doesn't break down to stress, can handle the task at hand and the test of time.

Love’s Labradors Puppies new homes are screened to make certain they are going to the best home that is best for them and the new owners. The new puppy needs to be first a family dog and second the hunting dog (that is if they are going to utilize the lab for hunting). If the personality and energy level of the lab and family are not well matched, please return the Labrador and let’s collectively get you properly matched with the right Labrador for you and your family.


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