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  • Imperative to have raised a puppy on your own. While growing up as a kid, your parents brought home a pup and you feel you were a part of it, this is still not the same. If you have not raised a puppy as an adult, no need to further. I am sorry. The learning curve can be done on someone else's puppy, not one of mine. I am sorry I am a bit tough with this.
  • 1. Have you raised a puppy on your own?

  • Fenced good size yard. Invisible fencing does not work best for a young pup. A dog park is a no-no. If you reside in the country without proper fencing or an area for the dog to call his/her home? Then you don't qualify.
    Residing in an apartment is not enough yard space for a Labrador! If you have a new home without a fence or in the process purchasing a home, wait til you have proof you have that home and have that fence built out.
    Large land owners, a specific dog yard is necessary for a Labrador as they will get themselves in trouble by following their nose, that is always on the ground. It's in the breed of dog. Please be prepared to email photos of your yard and dog area. Thank you
  • 2. Do you have a good fenced yard at home?

  • Please provide your attending Vet information caring for your existing or past dogs. I like to review annual vaccinations and overall best health care for your dogs in the past.
  • 3. Share you Vet information, please.

  • Who is going to train your Lab? Do you have this experience? Or are you just placing a harness and a lead on your Lab and not planning on any training and allowing your Lab to take you for a walk? I recommend Bill Hillman Retriever Training on YouTube or his DVDs. If you plan for a Labrador to become an in home dog, please choose another breed of dog. Labradors deserve to run, play, be out on dirt and grass and be outdoors. I don't support training with clicker or treats.
    Truly, Bill Hillman is the best to direct you to train and bring up a Labrador Retriever in the best manner.
  • 4. Who is going to train your Lab? Do you have this experience?

  • If you already have another dog at home, sanitizing for Parvo is of upmost. How are you going to separate your existing dog from the new puppy for 6-7 weeks til your puppy has more of the puppy shots? And what do you know about Parvo? Are you aware this kills puppies? I send a puppy home with 3 puppy shots but you have 8 more weeks of shots. The puppy should NOT go out in the backyard til the puppy has 2 more puppy shots. Hard floor that is sanitized with Pro Logic or Virkon to kill Parvo is essential.
    A crate? A portable pen? You shouldn't take a pup home and let them run around all over the place. Before discussing with me over the phone a reservation you need to of updated with your Vet the latest on Parvo for your area and plus, discuss the plan and layout for where the puppy is coming home to.
  • 5. Do you have another dog at home?

    6. What do you know about Parvo? Are you aware this kills puppies?

  • Have you updated yourself with the latest info and research for why Labradors are not spayed/neutered til fully grown at age Two? The latest info from FDA research on grain free dog food and the dog food brands linked to Cardiomyopathy? How about Copper Storage Disease that is linked to high quantities of copper in majority of manufactured dog food? I have a paper I wrote on the subject about CSD on my blog and links to research for 35 yrs being conducted on this subject at Michigan State University.
    There are more grants and research done on the Labrador still to date, so it is still a smart move to adopt a Labrador in with you and your family. I hope you are seeking a breeder that takes great care in making certain the parents for the puppies and the lineage are clear of the DNA diseases and especially cleared from the epidemic Copper Toxicosis that 35-70% of the Labradors around the World have.
  • 7. Have you updated yourself with the latest info and research for why Labradors are not spayed/neutered til fully grown at age Two?

    I care where my puppies go. I desire for them to go to homes that care for best in care for them. There are many diseases that Labs can have if one does not test the parents for them. I am a breeder that does the DNA testing including for the epidemic Copper Toxicosis. CT kills Labs between ages 2-6 yrs of age with liver failure. I go thru all of this not to intimidate you but it should matter to you that you are working with a breeder that is doing their homework and research. Please be researched and prepared to answer questions about the following:

    Are you prepared for your puppy being indoors for the following 7-8 weeks after getting home? Parvo lives in the dirt forever, which means unsafe for puppy going potties on the ground in your backyard til your Vet says it is ok. Webinar at the Learning Center, great webinars on diseases including Parvo.

    Have you Googled what Labs are pre-disposed today? OCD (not proven is genetic) and tearing of ACLs. How does one prevent this? Not neutering/spaying before age 2, ramps, good dog food and not playing hard with body slams with an adult dog at a young age. Plus, for the hunters... not hunting at a young age in boggy sticky mud and rice fields prior to full age growth 2.

    Do you have a large enough yard with dirt and grass for a Labrador? Pretty tile, concrete, a pool and landscaping challenges a Labrador to find space for themselves for their best environment.

    Are you going to allow your Labrador to enjoy the great outdoors? If not, and you wish for a Labrador to hang out indoors with you all day long with only occasional potty trips outside, then you are doing an injustice to the Labrador. If this is what you need, then may I suggest a small dog breed.

    If you have issues with a puppy still biting on your arms and biting non stop, perhaps the training of the word 'no' in the month 3 might be needed. A puppy needs foundation at that age. Labradors these days are brilliant. At least mine are. You need to have backbone to be a good teacher. Labradors appreciate black and white.

    Why are prices for ALL dogs going up everywhere in the West. A new bill AB 702 in California requires for everyone having one litter to get a permit....EVERYONE, one litter a year for a female dog and no more than that and registering every litter to the local SCPCA within 10 days. DO NOT GET SWAYED INTO LEASE PROGRAMS BY BREEDERS, CALIFORNIA IS NOT ALLOWING PER AB 702 ADDITIONAL OWNERS OR PARTNERSHIP DEALS.

    This will reduce the backyard breeders, if caught. The good breeders know how costly this is to do everything right for the Law and for the dog. As I am a breeder, to limit one litter a year per female reduces the income level and many I foresee in California will stop breeding and may move out of the State. Many will breed up to age 7 that this bill allows, this is not best for the dog and takes a chance for mammary gland cancer. Results with this bill will reduce the amount of dogs produced and increase the asking price not only in California but as well, Oregon and Washington and other adjoining States. If this new breeding program goes well in California, other States will adopt this bill. In my opinion, the government is tired of the dog and cat business and babysitting it with Animal Control departments. Case in point, the FDA has known for over 5 years thru Michigan State University that the manufactured kibble is extremely high in copper and killing ALL breed of dogs early in life and they have done nothing about it. I am glad I am not in California and moving from Oregon to Washington Summer 2021. But it soon will be across the West with this program and might spread across the US. Additionally, there is a puppy mill bill one signature away in Oregon. Once passed, California will soon adopt it as well. Puppy Mill is versed 50 intact dogs. I have a number of Labs, most are spayed/neutered and living out their years as one big family. I hope you filled out the form and care enough for working with a breeder that truly cares.

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