The World Lost A Gift From God

On Monday, December 21st, the world lost a gift from God. Grace showed the personality and love that God wants us to know and experience. Unfortunately, she could not handle the chemo.

Because of Grace I started training hunting retrievers and began my voyage on breeding top bred and fully tested Labradors. I owe so much to her. If I did not have my other 4 legged "angels" to love and tend to I could die of a broken heart. Grace was my rock, my light and my joy. 24/7 for 9 and half years she was at my side during the day and at night. I could not be any sadder. Grace was my joy and 2nd to that are the puppies. With this loss I am going to tend to my grieving and have decided to not train anymore. I have built up my breeding program and started hunting dog program to the level that training client dogs gets in the way.

I am going to focus more on the breeding and spend more time with my own dogs. I will be settling down into a country place in Oregon in the Spring. I decided I need a break away from the dirt and constant weather as training hunting Labs gives you. Grace changed my life by coming into it and with her now leaving, she has done it once again. There will not be a day I don't look for her. I now understand how another dog will die from a broken heart when their companion dies.

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