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It is my goal to have clean genetics with all my breedings. To do this, I test with available DNA tests for the inheritable diseases that Labradors have to date. I breed for best health for the Labrador.

  • Great stunning looks
  • Great color
  • Superior hunting abilities
  • Great personalities
  • Easy to train offspring
  • All around good manners at home with family

Breeding Bitches Requirements:

  • 24 months of age or older
  • Hip Clearance (OFA, Penn)
  • CERF Annual Eye Clearance (MUST be current)
  • AKC, CKC, UKC Registration
  • Negative Brucellosis
  • DNA tested and Clear
  • EIC - Clear
  • CNM - Clear
  • PRA/PRCD - Clear
  • RDOSD - Clear
  • SD2 - Clear
  • Copper Toxicosis - Clear
  • HU - Clear
  • Copy of her Pedigree and health clearances prior to approval


Labrador Breeders Oregon
  • 'GAGE' Love's Cuda Blue Gage JH
  • AKC#SR70903015
  • UKC#Pending
  • DOB 11/23/2011
  • Color: Chocolate - chocolate and black factored (Dilute-negative)
  • Colors avail to breed to: Black, black chocolate factored and chocolate.
  • CERF Annual eye exam LR-EYE5979/36M-NOPI - 02/2016
  • Elbows OFA - LR-EL67239M40-VPI - Normal
  • CT 7a Clear

Personality: Very sweet, personable but also all business, loves to please, loves to retrieve and loves his birds, quiet demeanor, quiet in the blind. His looks are stunning and drop dead gorgeous. He stops humans in their tracks when they see him.

Hunting: Easy to train. 2018 - Will achieve SH and HR.

Frozen: $800 -  2-3 straws are sent, enough semen to add up to 250-400 mil. Goal for thaw: 70-80%. Stored at UC Davis. (Denmark extender utilized.)
Fresh Chilled: call for price and availability
Natural: available plus $50 AI each

Pedigree of Parents

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Labrador Breeders Oregon

Love's Super Archangel Michael

  • Penn Hip - Excellent
  • Eyes: Clear, Submitted to OFA for review. Prelim
  • Elbows: Normal, Submitted to UDEXX Radiology for 2nd opinion. Prelim
  • EIC: Clear

Pedigree of Parents

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Labrador Breeders Oregon
  • 'Torch' Love's Come on' Baby Light my Fire
  • Born of Lucy and Brody
  • DOB Nov 2018
  • Upcoming Fox Red Pointing Male Stud
  • Penn Hip-Will be done soon
  • Elbows-Prelims will be done at age 1
  • Eyes-Prelims will be done at age 1
  • Cleared by Parentage:
    • EIC
    • CNM
    • PRA
    • RD/OSD
    • HU
    • SD2
    • CT-will be tested soon due to Sire Brody 7b carrier (found out after being bred) More about CT Testing


Labrador Breeders Oregon
  • Parents: Star and Levi (pedigrees on site)
  • Cleared by parentage EIC CNM PRA RDOSD
  • CT 7a Carrier (This is good. This dog processes copper better than normal. A outside Female w CT 7b would benefit bred to 7a carrier)

Outside Studs:



Labrador Breeders Jacksonville Oregon
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  • Hips: Good
  • Eyes annual done June 2017 - Clear
  • Elbows 2 sets of xrays - mild dysplasia in one


Labrador Breeders Oregon

Suncrest Wildoats 'Oatie'

Oatie was 100% completely trained and handled by his owners which were Amateurs. Oatie made it to the National Amateur Competition five times in his lifetime - the last three times to the final round. A true natural talent.

Retired Gents:



Labrador Breeders Oregon
  • 'LEVI' Sunnyview's Honcho Levis MH
  • AKC#SR44193304
  • DOB 07/26/2007
  • Color: Black with yellow factor
  • Colors available to breed to: Black black factored, black yellow factored, yellow, yellow black factored but not avail to chocolates or yellows that are yellow chocolate factored as I do not believe in producing tri-colored or triple recessiveness.
  • CERF Annual Eye Exam OFA-LR-EYE6393/91M-PI (clear 03/2015)

Personality: Huge personality, loves to cuddle and be loved, very personable, loves to talk with a vocabulary not to be confused with barking, strong minded and strong willed and my best friend. Passes on the personable talking to his offspring.

Hunting: Natural, 2 days to Force Fetch train, he passes his uncanny straight marking abilities to his get, runs long straight lines til he gets to his prize, easy to train. Young age to have major injury and surgery on his right front wrist, after recovery he achieved his MH. He qualified for the Master Nationals 2014. Retired to competing and enjoying quiety of life.

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Pedigree of Parents

pedigree papers for Levi, a black labrador retriever  
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